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Sorry for not being here...

2009-07-12 02:23:15 by wierdtails

Yeah, I know I haven't been around for a long time... I didn't even know until someone on DeviantArt told me I hadn't been on in almost a year...

Honestly, I have way more friends on DevaintArt, and DeviantArt is way more... expressive than Newgrounds. I've forgotten a lot about Flash, and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever stop procrastinating and finish TLT... though I seriously hope I do.

Also, I've become less intersted in the Sonic Franchise (though I still like it). I'm becoming more of a Transformers fan right now. I have a whole army of Transformer toys all over my room, and I LOVE the shows and the movie (NOW GO WATCH REVENGE OF THE FALLEN)

In fact, I even started doing artwork of Tails paired up with a girl from the Transformers Franchise named Sari o.O

So, if you wanna keep in touch with me, You'd probably want to head to DeviantArt.

My DeviantArt account

Three charachters we could do without

2008-07-13 14:25:31 by wierdtails

First of all, I'd like to apologize for making al of you wait for Tails Love Triangle 4. The reason I haven't worked on it, quite honestly, is due to pure laziness. I promise I will try to work on it a bit harder from now on. And if you want to know EVERYTHING that's been preventing me from doing anything, check my Account on DeviantArt.

Anyway, It's time for the main story:

As we all know, Sega is pretty much totally screwed up. And as I said before, they have waaaaay too many charachters. So, I've taken a look at all the charachters they have, and I've come to the conclusion that there are at least three charachters that need to be eliminated. And they are: Silver the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, and Cream the Rabbit.

Why, you ask?

First off: Amy. Amy was created to be a "Love interest" for Sonic. However, she's always insisting that Sonic is her "Boyfriend", and whenever he appears, she goes insane and chases after him. And she's always determined to get him, and she only thinks of him. If she ever wants to talk about anything, it's about Sonic. And that's just annoying. She's waaaaayyy too obsessed with Sonic. And Sonic never even pays attention to her. And when he does, it's because he's saying "Oh Shit, it's about to run away!!". Sonic needs a girl who isn't so obsessed with him. Someone who can be calm, and thinks about other things, and not always be like "SOOOOONNIIIIIIC!". Someone like... maybe Blaze, or even Cosmo's older sister, Galaxina.

Second: Cream. Why is Cream even here? Probably the most obvious answer is that everyone wants her paired up with Tails. But there are several non-obvious reasons as well. First off, Cream is a very crappy charachter. Most of her moves aren't very useful, and she depends on her "Little blue marshmallow who smells like his name" to attack her enemies. AND she doesn't like violence, so she's usually staying out of the way while the other charachters do all the work. And she often cries. And she's often with Amy. Let's face it: If Cosmo didn't exist, chances are that I would still want her gone.

Finally: Silver. We have waaaaaay too many Hedgehogs in the Sonic universe. Silver just shows us that Sega doesn't have any good ideas, and so they just redo everything they've done again. And most fans are quite unhappy due to the great amount of new charachters that are coming out. And he's not as fast as Sonic or Shadow, which means that fans with a need for speed will be quite unsatisfied with Silver.

Whatever you think, I'd say that those three charachters need to be eliminated. What do you think?

Three charachters we could do without

It's my birthday!

2008-03-25 19:25:54 by wierdtails

I am now 16! I'm old enough to drive now!

And on a side note, I'm sorry I haven't updated anything on my NG account for such a long time. I've been spending most of my time on DeviantArt. I like it because it has more features than Newgrounds, and I can talk with others better than I can on Newgrounds.
Anyway, Thanks for listening.

Meh... kinda stuck

2008-02-24 12:58:55 by wierdtails

Once again, I am stuck on TLT. I need some encouragement. Please, encourage me, or It will be a long time before TLT 4 appears.

School: sucks like hell.

Parents: suck like hell.

Computer: sucks like hell.

Grades: suck like hell.

Homework: sucks like hell.

Traffic: sucks like hell.

Car: sucks like hell.

Videogames: suck like hell.

TV: sucks like hell.

My MP4 player: sucks like hell.

Internet connection: sucks like hell.


Great day!

2008-01-21 11:03:38 by wierdtails

I went to a store yesterday, and guess what I found? A Leader Class Movie Megatron Transformer Toy! It looked pretty awesome, and the vehicle mode was just totally kickass! I had my wallet with me, and I decided "let's do this!". So I bought it. It cost me 39.60$ without Tax, but it was worth it. It's pretty hard to transform, but it's totally kickass.
Oh, and there is a pic of its vehicle mode.

Great day!

Music kinda got me stuck

2008-01-15 23:03:43 by wierdtails

Unfortunately, I've had a bit of a tough time selecting what music should be in Tails Love Triangle 3, but I think I finally got what I need. But even so, It's pretty hard to decide what to use in which situations. So I'd like to ask you all to tell me if you know where I can get Sonic Music, Because I'm having some difficulties deciding. Savvy?


2008-01-01 01:20:26 by wierdtails

What will happen this year? Now that it's 2008, what surprises are in store for us?
I hope you enjoyed 2007.

Frenzy is hilarious

2007-12-11 19:40:03 by wierdtails

I was just watching some videos on YouTube, when I came across some videos of the movie "Transformers". When I watched one, I noticed something I hadn't noticed when I saw the movie: Frenzy, the small Decepticon who turns into a Boom-Box, flipped off a pair of agents of secret service right after jumping into Barricade (The big Guy that turns into a Police Car).
After that, I saw even more videos of the tiny transformer, and each scene made him look funnier.
One thing about him is that he barely speaks any english, speaking only in Cybertronian gibberish. Also, for a brief period of time, he gets decapitated, and survives disguised as a cell phone.
He is the one who finds out about Capt. Witwicky's discovery by Hacking into a top-secret computer, and he also defrosts Megatron by deactivating the cooling systems, as well as alerting the other Decepticons to the location of the AllSpark. He then attacks a group of humans with weapons such as a CD-like Shuriken and a pair of automatic weapons in his hand. However, his own Shuriken ricochets off a wall and slices his head in half, and as he dies, he says "Oh Shit", which are also, apparently, his ONLY words in english.

Now for some videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5zWsgF u3kk
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egCaLJN sUxY
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uGet8C 9hG4
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VocLxlW a3PU
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD_XmCJ _Z2Y

Frenzy is hilarious

Not that it's a bad thing, though. The problem is that nowadays they seem to like adding at least one new carachter with each video game. What's wrong there is that... well, where should I start?
First off, they take away the spotlight of other carachters. Like for example, if Silver hadn't appeared in Sonic Rivals, Tails might have been in his place. And if blaze the Cat (though "Slut" seems to be a more accurate description) hadn't been in Sonic Rush, maybe Knuckles or Amy would've been playable.
Another thing is that most carachters overload Sega with loads of stupid stories about where they came from and what they need to do. Not good if half the game is spent reading storylines about how a mega-monster destroyed the new carachters home dimension/ timeline/ universe/ whatever, or that the new carachters world will deteriorate without those wierd "Sol" emeralds. Or that a new villan has... well, you get the idea.
Yeah, it's good to see some noob carachters ocasionally, but if it happens in EVERY SINGLE GAME, then it becomes a problem.
You might say "But they saved Sonic's life!", and that's true. But Silver tried to kill Sonic in his first game. And in the 7th world's boss in Sonic Rush, It was Blaze Vs Sonic, wasn't it?
As of November the 1st, 2007, the newest carachter is a Raccoon called "Marine". Now here comes the irritating part: bunches of people are thinking that she might be a new love interest or something for Tails.
A lot of bullshit.
I mean, dosen't Tails have enough love interests? Cosmo, Cream, Fiona, & countless fan-made Carachters... does it seem that Tails needs more girlfriends? (I personally hope that he ends up staying with Cosmo.)
If you have a good reason why they do it, please tell me. I'd say they're running out of ideas, but others say they're retarded. Whatever the reason, they're not making too many fans happy. Trust me. I've heard them complain about how many new carachters Sega has.
Anyway, I will now leave you, and I'll leave something for you all: a picture of Sega's newest carachter, Marine the Raccoon. You can say whatever you want; she dosen't seem too good. She's not even playable!
Until next time, peace out.

Why are there so many new carachters in Sonic the Hedgehog?