Great day!

2008-01-21 11:03:38 by wierdtails

I went to a store yesterday, and guess what I found? A Leader Class Movie Megatron Transformer Toy! It looked pretty awesome, and the vehicle mode was just totally kickass! I had my wallet with me, and I decided "let's do this!". So I bought it. It cost me 39.60$ without Tax, but it was worth it. It's pretty hard to transform, but it's totally kickass.
Oh, and there is a pic of its vehicle mode.

Great day!


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2008-02-12 07:51:38

Looks cool, and BTW when does love triangle ep.4 come out?

wierdtails responds:

I'm not sure, but It won't be soon.


2008-02-16 18:01:12

FINALLY! You actually posted on the BBS

wierdtails responds:



2008-12-21 20:44:41



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