Why are there so many new carachters in Sonic the Hedgehog?

2007-11-02 19:15:34 by wierdtails

Not that it's a bad thing, though. The problem is that nowadays they seem to like adding at least one new carachter with each video game. What's wrong there is that... well, where should I start?
First off, they take away the spotlight of other carachters. Like for example, if Silver hadn't appeared in Sonic Rivals, Tails might have been in his place. And if blaze the Cat (though "Slut" seems to be a more accurate description) hadn't been in Sonic Rush, maybe Knuckles or Amy would've been playable.
Another thing is that most carachters overload Sega with loads of stupid stories about where they came from and what they need to do. Not good if half the game is spent reading storylines about how a mega-monster destroyed the new carachters home dimension/ timeline/ universe/ whatever, or that the new carachters world will deteriorate without those wierd "Sol" emeralds. Or that a new villan has... well, you get the idea.
Yeah, it's good to see some noob carachters ocasionally, but if it happens in EVERY SINGLE GAME, then it becomes a problem.
You might say "But they saved Sonic's life!", and that's true. But Silver tried to kill Sonic in his first game. And in the 7th world's boss in Sonic Rush, It was Blaze Vs Sonic, wasn't it?
As of November the 1st, 2007, the newest carachter is a Raccoon called "Marine". Now here comes the irritating part: bunches of people are thinking that she might be a new love interest or something for Tails.
A lot of bullshit.
I mean, dosen't Tails have enough love interests? Cosmo, Cream, Fiona, & countless fan-made Carachters... does it seem that Tails needs more girlfriends? (I personally hope that he ends up staying with Cosmo.)
If you have a good reason why they do it, please tell me. I'd say they're running out of ideas, but others say they're retarded. Whatever the reason, they're not making too many fans happy. Trust me. I've heard them complain about how many new carachters Sega has.
Anyway, I will now leave you, and I'll leave something for you all: a picture of Sega's newest carachter, Marine the Raccoon. You can say whatever you want; she dosen't seem too good. She's not even playable!
Until next time, peace out.

Why are there so many new carachters in Sonic the Hedgehog?


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2007-11-03 01:52:49

To answer that question I say this... How are they creating new charaters left and right i have no idea. 1st, There are so many sonic that my head is hurting i counted at least 36 charaters didn't know there was that many there to begin with. 2nd They should stop the random charater making. (unless they have a very good reason to add that charater) And 3rd if the old charaters are only going to be there once or twice, then they shouldn't be there, it's killing me with all these sonic charaters old and new it can drive a person insane.

*sigh* I need to start reading all the comic series (if it doesn't kill me first) so i can understand almost all of the sonic charaters better. Well im off to see if i can find the series so bye <(-_-)>

wierdtails responds:

Glad you share my point of view.


2007-11-03 20:54:50


Most new characters in Sonic games seem to be some Sonic/Tails recolor along with some minor changes.

The characters I know are:

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Tikal, Big, Cream, Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Ray, Vector, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Eggman, Jet, Storm, Wave...

Thats as far as I can go... so...

That is 19 'Main' characters, isn't that enough?

The 'new' ones know are:

Silver, Blaze, and now Marine. I'm pretty sure I missed a few. I don't really care for anymore Sonic games thanks to all this Make-a-new-character-and-replace-the-
old-one thing.

They create a new character (Or two or more), and put them in some game in place of most of the 'Main' characters, and it ends up being just Sonic, Eggman, and the new characters in the game, along with the usual NPCs.


The reason the games aren't as good as they were now is both because of the excess amount of new characters and because of the 'tossing out' of the old characters.

Rule #1: NEVER get rid of the classic characters.

Adding a new character is fine, but when the game is flooded with them, the entire thing falls apart.

I just wonder when everything will get under control.

So this is Marine? I could recolor a Tails sprite in 5 minutes and it would look just like her, plus I'm using a laptop!

Also, who is Fiona?

I think I'll go and try to find all the new characters that have been made, so I can make sprites for them, and make some sprite comics.

It shouldn't be too hard, since I would have to do is take a Sonic/Tails sprite and recolor it, plus add or remove some things.

See you later.


I'm surprised there hasn't been a female fox character yet...

(Updated ) wierdtails responds:

The Babylon Rogues, Ray, and Tikal don't count as main Carachters, but it's good to remember them.
You make sprite comics? I'd like to see them.
Fiona is a female fox carachter from the Sonic the Hedgehog comics. Tails fell in love with a robot that was based on her.
And from what a friend of mine has told me, It won't get under control until Sega is no longer controlled by Hedgehog lovers (have you counted the number of hedgehogs (and faker-hogs) recently?).


2007-11-05 20:42:14

Back and arm with some info... not much but some. Thanks with a friend, i know something about the charaters on sonic.

Well on the video games there are 25 main charaters and 70 npc and other charaters.(good and bad) And on the comic series there was about 289 main charaters on the entire sonic comics. Thats a bit much to remember if you ask me.

Now if i can name some of the charaters on it. ( besides the obvious charaters) Now back to do some more research to see if i can find all of the charaters. I'll problably get back on that. Still WAY TOO MANY CHARATERS TO REMEMBER!!!!!!!! <(@_@)>

wierdtails responds:

I thought 8 would be enough.


2007-11-11 14:04:20

I know what you mean. Those creators of Sonic be adding new characters. I wish they can stop it. I CAN'T KEEP TRACK OF THEM ALL! DAMN YOU SONIC CREATORS! JUST QUIT IT WITH THE NEW CHARACTERS!

wierdtails responds:

Hmmm... lemme see...
Blaze, Silver, Mephiles, Eggman Nega, Marine, and... wait, what were their names again?
I can't keep track of all of them either.


2007-11-16 06:03:00

Sup guys. Dunno about you, but the way I see it, those awful new characters are only 1 of the many problems with the series, and if you don't mind, I'm gonna explain what I mean:
In my opinion, SEGA/Sonic Team became a menace to their own series in many ways..they keep adding stupid and unassuming new characters, keep disregarding the classic and much better old characters or make them look stupid, keep coming up with the stupidest game plots ever, they completely ignore the fans (which is the worst move they could make, since let me remind every1 that it is the FANS who BUY their SHITTY games), and looks like they get rid of every1 who made the Sonic series cool: Yuji Naka (was in Sonic Team from the beginning, and while he was there, I didn't notice too many problems with the Sonic games) and lately I didn't hear anything about Jun Senoue, the guy who made most of the awesome music the Sonic games of the new era had. If it goes like this, I don't think Sonic will live his 20th anniversary, or even if he will, he won't be the same Sonic we all love and know...or rather loved and known..

wierdtails responds:

Well said, dude. If we get out of this mess, I hope you become the CEO of Sega.
You seem to be one good "Sega-ologist".


2007-11-18 06:02:58

Oh great, I just heard that the stupid slut (a.k.a Blaze..) will be in Sonic Riders - Zero Gravity..well so much for that being a good Sonic game..

wierdtails responds:

Will Tails be in it too?
Or will he be left out like in Sonic Rush & Rivals (though I think he WILL be in Rivals 2)


2008-02-27 20:26:02

This is just a message to K-fox, Blaze is not a new character. She was made in the 1990's as a character for the game Sonic Rush.


2009-10-20 14:36:18

There trying to make them selvs popular. But there killin' them selves...