Entry #12

Sorry for not being here...

2009-07-12 02:23:15 by wierdtails

Yeah, I know I haven't been around for a long time... I didn't even know until someone on DeviantArt told me I hadn't been on in almost a year...

Honestly, I have way more friends on DevaintArt, and DeviantArt is way more... expressive than Newgrounds. I've forgotten a lot about Flash, and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever stop procrastinating and finish TLT... though I seriously hope I do.

Also, I've become less intersted in the Sonic Franchise (though I still like it). I'm becoming more of a Transformers fan right now. I have a whole army of Transformer toys all over my room, and I LOVE the shows and the movie (NOW GO WATCH REVENGE OF THE FALLEN)

In fact, I even started doing artwork of Tails paired up with a girl from the Transformers Franchise named Sari o.O

So, if you wanna keep in touch with me, You'd probably want to head to DeviantArt.

My DeviantArt account


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2009-07-14 21:00:30

lol cheer up

dont worry the memories will come back


2009-08-14 10:13:50

Been a while, dude. We thought you were dead or sumthin...


2009-09-28 02:01:54

Oh so this is the person made Tails Love Triangle. Nice. I've seen the episodes on Youtube about a year ago I think. And every now and then I come across the series remained unfinished.

I'm actually attempting to make a Flash with the characters Tails, Cosmo, and some other guy I don't wish to tell yet. Just in case you may be interested.


2009-10-20 14:32:32

Same hear I olny am on NG to get meadals now. DA is more expres, but I don't think you send music to DA. =(


2009-11-19 15:40:18

You know The only tails couple i like is TailsXCosmo But still your TailsXSari pics are in greatness.Keep up the good work.Your DA Friend Salorethefox


2011-01-30 11:32:53

T_T *Godot theme plays* Don't worry... the days will be never forgotten. You'll never be forgotten,my friend.


2011-06-16 01:11:49

I think its great you have something to beleve in. And as much as i want you to finish TLT you just do whut you think is right. :)


2011-08-01 20:05:47

I love your love triangle storys and mario singing that broke me to fits of HAHA and HEHE! can u make More? (=