Frenzy is hilarious

2007-12-11 19:40:03 by wierdtails

I was just watching some videos on YouTube, when I came across some videos of the movie "Transformers". When I watched one, I noticed something I hadn't noticed when I saw the movie: Frenzy, the small Decepticon who turns into a Boom-Box, flipped off a pair of agents of secret service right after jumping into Barricade (The big Guy that turns into a Police Car).
After that, I saw even more videos of the tiny transformer, and each scene made him look funnier.
One thing about him is that he barely speaks any english, speaking only in Cybertronian gibberish. Also, for a brief period of time, he gets decapitated, and survives disguised as a cell phone.
He is the one who finds out about Capt. Witwicky's discovery by Hacking into a top-secret computer, and he also defrosts Megatron by deactivating the cooling systems, as well as alerting the other Decepticons to the location of the AllSpark. He then attacks a group of humans with weapons such as a CD-like Shuriken and a pair of automatic weapons in his hand. However, his own Shuriken ricochets off a wall and slices his head in half, and as he dies, he says "Oh Shit", which are also, apparently, his ONLY words in english.

Now for some videos: u3kk sUxY 9hG4 a3PU _Z2Y

Frenzy is hilarious


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2007-12-14 08:53:07

you have already sonic music in the movie

wierdtails responds:

This is Transformers, not Sonic.


2007-12-22 18:31:06

I thought you were only interested in sonic

wierdtails responds:

Hell no. I like a lot of stuff, like Pokemon, Transformers, Mario, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Godzilla, and other stuff.


2007-12-24 22:00:26

well i know that though.but let me ask u this question, do you see transfromers cybertron at 6am in CN?

wierdtails responds:

No, I don't have cable.


2007-12-28 01:41:29

Are you kidding? Frenzy was annoying :P

wierdtails responds:

Depends on how you look at him.
I'd say he's the funniest of the Transformers (and the most useful decepticon)


2007-12-31 18:07:22

oh. I feel sorry for you.

wierdtails responds:



2008-01-01 11:56:01

Is frenzy a minicon/deceptecon?

wierdtails responds:

I dunno.


2008-02-08 19:28:12

hi dude ^_^

wierdtails responds:



2009-10-20 14:37:28

It looks hilarious!