Three charachters we could do without

2008-07-13 14:25:31 by wierdtails

First of all, I'd like to apologize for making al of you wait for Tails Love Triangle 4. The reason I haven't worked on it, quite honestly, is due to pure laziness. I promise I will try to work on it a bit harder from now on. And if you want to know EVERYTHING that's been preventing me from doing anything, check my Account on DeviantArt.

Anyway, It's time for the main story:

As we all know, Sega is pretty much totally screwed up. And as I said before, they have waaaaay too many charachters. So, I've taken a look at all the charachters they have, and I've come to the conclusion that there are at least three charachters that need to be eliminated. And they are: Silver the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, and Cream the Rabbit.

Why, you ask?

First off: Amy. Amy was created to be a "Love interest" for Sonic. However, she's always insisting that Sonic is her "Boyfriend", and whenever he appears, she goes insane and chases after him. And she's always determined to get him, and she only thinks of him. If she ever wants to talk about anything, it's about Sonic. And that's just annoying. She's waaaaayyy too obsessed with Sonic. And Sonic never even pays attention to her. And when he does, it's because he's saying "Oh Shit, it's about to run away!!". Sonic needs a girl who isn't so obsessed with him. Someone who can be calm, and thinks about other things, and not always be like "SOOOOONNIIIIIIC!". Someone like... maybe Blaze, or even Cosmo's older sister, Galaxina.

Second: Cream. Why is Cream even here? Probably the most obvious answer is that everyone wants her paired up with Tails. But there are several non-obvious reasons as well. First off, Cream is a very crappy charachter. Most of her moves aren't very useful, and she depends on her "Little blue marshmallow who smells like his name" to attack her enemies. AND she doesn't like violence, so she's usually staying out of the way while the other charachters do all the work. And she often cries. And she's often with Amy. Let's face it: If Cosmo didn't exist, chances are that I would still want her gone.

Finally: Silver. We have waaaaaay too many Hedgehogs in the Sonic universe. Silver just shows us that Sega doesn't have any good ideas, and so they just redo everything they've done again. And most fans are quite unhappy due to the great amount of new charachters that are coming out. And he's not as fast as Sonic or Shadow, which means that fans with a need for speed will be quite unsatisfied with Silver.

Whatever you think, I'd say that those three charachters need to be eliminated. What do you think?

Three charachters we could do without


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2008-07-13 16:20:38

Cream but leave cheese ,cheese does all the work all cream does is well............nothing

wierdtails responds:

Yeah, maybe leave "The little blue marshmallow who smells like his name". But without Cream.


2008-07-13 16:23:45

and your thing about silver well sega wanted one of sonic's best games to have a cool character otherwise known as silver and I gotta say silver sonic and shadow look NOTHING like hedgehogs

wierdtails responds:

Yeah, maybe...
LOL That's true.


2008-07-13 16:27:46

and to make funnier cream should get killed by her chao cheese only because cheese does all the work

wierdtails responds:

LOL XD That would be epic.


2008-07-13 16:29:14

wanna be friends i have a DA too

wierdtails responds:

Um... Okay =D


2008-07-14 20:01:00

nice flashes


2008-07-15 00:08:48

silver and cream because silvers slow and is dum a$$ and cream dose jack $hit...not Amy 4 two resounds,4 one kinda told silver 2 f*** of and if you watch that old sonic show its dead give away... for me at least. good luck on the next vid dude.


2008-07-15 15:15:35

I would say get rid of Cream, because well let's admit it, she sucks.

Silver should be kept, because even though he's slow he still has ESP (Extrasensory Power).

As for Amy....

She could just f*** off


2008-07-16 09:35:36

cream should get killed but then that would end tails love triangle a bit too quickly XD
but seriously kill cream she does nothing but say stuff but leave chesse he/she does all the work.


2008-07-16 10:20:48

also I read ur cosmo reborn fanfics and now thx to u im a taismo fan. :D


2008-07-21 01:37:36

I think all 3 of them should all be killed horribly. Really, we don't need those characters. It was fine when it was just Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman. Now things have gotten out of hand. Still, if I had to choose one then it would be Cream. For irony, she should be frozen solid (Ice-Cream anyone?) then licked to death by a really, really fat guy who craves frozen treats.


2008-07-21 22:58:39

I say get rid of cream and amy and leave cheese and silver


2008-07-24 10:55:50

cream of course


2008-08-18 06:16:45

Nintendo has literally no train-of-thought with the whole SEGA universe and Yugi Naga doesn't even involve himself anymore. None of these characters have any more place in the series and NEVER did! I dont even know what Cream is supposed to add to the series, and as for Silver...who the fuck is Silver?! I dont think Silver really needs to be eliminated as I'm sure he'll just fade away on his own through lack of purpose...but then why is Cream still here? At least Amy has been around since the Sonic CD era and adds to the story, but in the games shes even more useless as Cream!!! The only thing with Amy is that she needs a more involving role in the actual game series and a list of abilities that dont SUCK or are otherwise NONEXISTANT! As for who I think who should be eliminated...CREAM! Her place in the games doesn't even make sense; if you wanna have a TV/movie series with her fine, just make her less...cheesy(can I say that lol)? And as for her place within the games...all that comes to mind is "why?" Still, even if Tails DID need anyone (which neither Sonic nor Tails do!) Cream's softspoken and calm nature and understanding of peoples feelings does ACTUALLY make for a good removing her COMPLETELY from the story might not endear as much if you stop to think about it. Give it some serious, unbiased thought some time...


2008-08-21 07:36:03

I vote Cosmo or Cream asks Amy for romantic advise.
Silver should get eliminated.
Cosmo and Cream continue with their orginal arguing for a few more flash movies.


2008-08-23 11:55:29

I say Proboly Cheese....
Silver is atchulay Useful
And Sonic needs a gf so amy should stay
Sonamy! W00t


2008-08-30 21:43:28

..........actually they all kind of balence out. i mean cream is the little cheap character thats easy to use amy is sonic's girlfriend and silver is probalbly gona be one of the s type people [sonic shadow shade?]


2008-09-01 09:09:50

I agree with most of what you're saying. Silver is a knockoff, yes and I wouldn't care much they got rid of him but those telekinesis powers are pretty fun.

Amy, yes is kind of annoying but she has been with Sega for a long time and that might upset some long time Sonic fans.

Cream... well... I just plain don't like her. She's useless and appears to be the smallest character of all of them (pardon me if I'm wrong). Also, what kind of name is Cream anyway? Tails deserves better than that!! Cheese is okay I guess, at least they made a Chao character for once!

Well that's my opinion. Hope you appreciate it!!


2008-09-03 13:25:08



2008-09-09 12:59:56

cream out of any1 silver is awesome and amy has a hammer


2008-10-09 18:26:38


They are All good!

Why are you doing this there is no such thing as a bad Sonic Charachter!!!!! (Exept Comic exclusive ones)


2008-10-14 22:02:41

hey hows avery thing? it has been a long time sens you replied som1s comment?
just wondering if your still alive.


2008-10-27 16:45:08

probably Silver, cause it probably be a good idea not to add characters without a purpose, and since without Cream, the love triangle will be destroyed, and the series will end unless you add another character who could have feelings for tails, and Amy could be "deleted" since she has no real purpose to be in the series, but that my opinion.


2008-11-01 20:34:35

*pufft* ur right, if I sent my ideas they be like "How/why did u save cosmo, why is this and that" and inoy me with qustons. I saved cosmo cuse *agun* it cined of messtup the story line cuse we don't need tails turning in to shadow jr., I not kidding, I think I know what will happen if so, and I thinks its uggly. If tails does become deprest, ...

...*Sighs* *shrughs*...


2008-11-10 18:37:09

just to say it nintendo has waaaaaay too many charecters and sega has only a few............. whats to complain about

these are all good characters so i choose luigi


2008-12-02 21:31:31

I think Cream because she doesn't serve so much of a purpose in the series. Amy and Silver are OK additions to the list. The series could also do without Big, but since he isn't on the list, Cream.


2008-12-13 22:50:36

at first i thought it said sonic the hedgehog and i thought "hell yeah we could do without that assfucker"but saw it was silver so i say cream.


2008-12-22 05:22:52

Who should be killed/destroyed/obliterated/terminat ed/pulverised/otherwise eliminated?

Sliver the Warthog; Well, to be honest I never payed attention to that rolling ball of cheap tricks (though if I hated him he should be killed/destroyed/obliterated/terminat ed/pulverised/otherwise eliminated :D)

Amy Rose: I admit it, I don't really like her. But who else would be Sonic's "love interest", and SEGA would probably create another crappy character to be her replacement

Cream the Shitbag: Fuck her, decapitather and feed her headless body to the lions

These are it, enjoy his TLT ep 4 (if it comes out)


2008-12-26 10:33:24

cream the rabbit


2008-12-30 12:57:58

Dude, are you still alive?


2009-01-20 00:15:20

I saw just Cream completely useless like you said but Amy and Silver I think that they are needed a bit But I say keep Silver Sega needs a new style of "hero" Hedgehogs lol


2009-01-24 23:26:41

i wish they would kill off silver. Also WHEN ARE U GOING TO POST TLT4?


2009-02-15 03:36:13

Definately Cream. I wouldn't mind Amy if she settled down a bit... okay, a lot. As for Silver, I think he's pretty cool, actually. But yeah, not one of the best characters. His voice is pretty ghey.


2009-02-28 23:24:56

i think that amy and cream are really important,but i agree on sliver.


2009-03-01 18:58:45

just to split the conversation between u 2 up im just asking when we will see the next tails love triangle?

also on your post here none of them halfto die well not these ones anyway
kill the stupid big purple cat

also if u havent browsed about recently i heard sega is soon to be releasing a new game and make it online global ,available on all systems INCLUDING ur computer,they are also making it with customizable char. andopen worlded adventures (thats a first) also the game is suposed to take place in the far flung future where our heroes (and villain) are frozen in time as where the tutorial and first quest/mission takes place its right outside of our atmosphere near the ark

the bubble that is the time freeze needs to b destabilized and so GUN has made devices to do just that

as well as the chaos emeralds you also have the master emerald (and knuckles recently awoken from his thousand year rest) at your disposal

so edit your post and give it more thought


2009-03-13 19:34:39

Cream needs to go shes anoying.All Taismo fans are anoyed by cream always getting in the way of Tails and cosmo Also when will Tails triangle ep.4 come out?


2009-03-25 16:16:08

can you make the next part of tails love triangle? i've been waiting for like a year now, and is it ok if tails pick cosmo? or if you can pick who he chooses? PLEASE


2009-03-27 16:12:28

Dude, I totally agree with you. There are TOO many f'n characters in the Sonic world that have little to no importance to the storylines. Sega's just shoving characters out without thinking about it. Teh, I could think up a few characters AND a good story to go along with them. It was good, and still was when Rouge, and Shadow made their appearances but then Creme, Victor, SLIVER (???) the rest were just pain crappy. Tooo many hedgehogs running around and not enough of other speices. :(
But anyway, hope yah project for Tail's L.T. 4 goes well, can't wait to see it on N.G. (^_^)
P.S.- LMFAO! I didn't even notice the lil pop-up box at the end until, is there a "all of the above" button hidden somewhere?.....:P


2009-04-04 08:34:37

Kill cream she does nothing fr anyone.


2009-04-11 21:03:32

kill amy & silver but seriously....
"i need to work harder on love triangle 4"-weirdtails-july 13 2008
it's now easter 09


2009-04-17 08:34:44



2009-04-24 09:08:36

Cream has gota go keep cheese knock cream off a cliff or somethin...Hey you should come in at Tails love Triangle 4 You come in and hold a contest on who the heck knows what aboute Tails so Cream and Cosmo Answer....just a heads up thogh..Keep in touch oboute Tails love triangle!


2009-04-26 01:09:39

Amy Rose, I highly agree. Silver the hedgehog, doesn't matter to me. Cream the rabbit, Highly disagree. Why? might be a surprise for you but I love Cream. PM me if you need to know why.


2009-05-09 23:29:40

I say Cream.

Amy is funny around Sonic.

Silver is badass with dem powerz. (even though he is annoying when fighting with saunich n' shadaugh.) *rofl*

plus, I hate de wabbit. HAAAATE. (input dark n' evil voice)

and I hate that chao. reminds me of pokemon. D:<


2009-06-04 04:09:16

I think Big is pretty useless. He only appeared twice in games, and other 2 times as cameos.