Music kinda got me stuck

2008-01-15 23:03:43 by wierdtails

Unfortunately, I've had a bit of a tough time selecting what music should be in Tails Love Triangle 3, but I think I finally got what I need. But even so, It's pretty hard to decide what to use in which situations. So I'd like to ask you all to tell me if you know where I can get Sonic Music, Because I'm having some difficulties deciding. Savvy?


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2008-01-16 22:08:55

Music from the games right? You can try here:

You'll have to scroll down quite a bit.

(Updated ) wierdtails responds:

How useful! Thanks! :D


2008-01-19 14:52:16

when will tails love triangle ep3 come out

wierdtails responds:

It's already out.


2008-01-20 15:51:59

it's a very good movie i like it man how do you do it in really

wierdtails responds:

Dunno. But let me tell you this: Flash is harder than it looks.


2009-10-20 14:40:04

Wens 4 commin' out? How far are you?